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ISPA provides tailored Internet Connectivity and IP Solutions to corporate, small/medium businesses and home users.

Fiber Optic Connectivity

Fixed broadband is high-speed data transmission to homes or business using various technologies. In the case of ISPA, the data is transmitted through the state-of-the art Fiber Optic infrastructure whose control is the

hands of kt Rwanda Networks, ISPA’s whole Sellers. ISPA connects its end users using this Fiber Optics infrastructure.

Customers benefit from the following network advantages:

•    Largest Fixed Network of 3,300 km;
•    Very Fast and stable Network with full redundancy from Ring Topology;
•    The biggest active Fiber network transmission equipment across the country;

With kt Rwanda Networks operating the entire national Fiber backbone infrastructure, you can be assured of lightning-fast internet speed with little to no interruption. Whether your business needs 100Mbps or more, ISPA’s Fiber rollout across different nodes in the country will satisfy your needs.

What are the services offered?

Services offered within the Fixed Broadband / Fiber Optics Services include;
Fiber Internet Service:
ISPA has got enough capacity to meet its end customers’ business needs. The transport capacity is measured in Mbps. You can have any Bandwidth capacity as per your request.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services:

Connect to multiple locations / branches, share software, transfer files, and make multiple offices seem like one with this service. Connect different branches of offices of your organization and avoid all the hassle that comes with transport, time and all other logistics.

How can I get ISPA’s Fiber services?

You can subscribe to Fiber services by using the following email and Telephone contacts:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                            
Telephone: 0783100456 / 0788303181 / 0788303427